Jat quota stir turns violent


I have to travel Chandigarh on Saturday, But due to Jat quota stir turn violent, first time, rail and road traffic on the Delhi Ambala National Highway and mainline railway route was also blocked by protesters at various places including in Sonipat district.. So i am not able to travel. Jats are fighting for quota. Patels want quota. In andhra people want quota. Let us put every one in obc give quota. What a shame. We are in 21st century still not able realise that only economically weaker section irrespective caste creed faith need quota. Upper caste guy can be poor a lower caste guy can be a rich. The national media media which acts like saviour of democracy secularism so on just acts like watsup. Fuelling everything. No debate whether we need this nonsense policy. Share your opinion.