Rally for Rivers – Save India’s Lifelines

by Arun kumar

Our rivers are dying. We can no longer turn a blind eye as we stand on the threshold of the gravest crisis of our times. India’s rivers are undergoing a drastic change. Due to the pressures of population and development, our perennial rivers are becoming seasonal. Many of the smaller rivers have already vanished. Flood as well as drought are becoming increasingly frequent, as rivers turn unruly during the monsoon, and vanish once the rainy season is over.

The Stark Facts

5% of India is turning into desert.
In 15 years, we may have only half the water we need for our survival.
The Ganga is one of the most endangered rivers in the world.
The Godavari was dry along much of its length last year.
The Kaveri has lost 40% of its flow. Krishna and Narmada have lost around 60%

In every state, perennial rivers are either becoming seasonal or totally going dry. In Kerala – the Bharatpuzha, in Karnataka – the Kabini, in Tamil Nadu – the Kaveri, Palar and Vaigai, in Odisha – the Musal, in Madhya Pradesh – the Kshipra. Many smaller rivers have already vanished.

Most major rivers are the subject of interstate water disputes.

How This Affects You
Estimates say 65% of our water needs are met by rivers.
2 out of 3 major Indian cities already deal with daily water shortage. Many urban residents pay ten times the normal amount for a can of water.
We consume water not just to drink or for domestic purposes. 80% of water is used to grow our food. Each person’s average water requirement is 1.1 million liters a year.
Flood, drought and rivers turning seasonal are increasingly leading to crop failure across the country.
Climate change is expected to cause worse floods and droughts within the next 25-50 years. During the monsoon, rivers will flood. The rest of the year, drought will follow. These trends are already beginning.


This is not a protest. This is not an agitation. This is a campaign to raise awareness that our rivers are depleting. Everyone who consumes water must Rally For Rivers. -Sadhguru

Isha Foundation is organizing a “Rally for Rivers” awareness campaign, which will cover 13 states and more than 20 events in major cities, traversing a stretch of over 7000 km across India. Sadhguru will drive the entire distance with leaders and celebrities actively participating in various legs of the journey.

Help save our rivers. Give a missed call to 80009 80009 and show your support.
Find more details at RallyForRivers.org

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Reasons for signing

We are all with you to support our Rally for Rivers. You have my full support for this noble cause.

by Mila Kumar India
2 Months ago

This is a great initiative by Sadhguru and it is the need of the hour. Common people also know it but Sadhguru has explained it in very simple language but with a very effective impact. His guidance is always logical, sensible and peaceful. I hope with his guidance, people would get aware of the situation and would take the appropriate actions to save our rivers. Thank you Sadhguru for being in our lives and providing us the necessary direction for living as a person and as an earth citizen.

by Mandar Chaphalkar India
2 Months ago